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What happened to Pond?

On 5/29/16, Mirimir <[email protected]> wrote:
> You need a telephone number to use that Whisper Systems stuff, right?

Group Silent Text/Circle/Mail/Phone, BlackPhone, used to have
standalone SMS app but they dropped it.

Group Whisper TextSecure/Signal, RedPhone, (to lesser degree partner
WhatsApp), did the same, but SMSSecure.
They have beta desktop version as chrome app.

Can always use any droid apps in emulator, such as ChatSecure.
And XOR modulo some printable charset any legacy SMS you care to send.

A number? AFAIK, yes, presumably depending if you went
opensource self path or not.

Phone numbers suck, which is why Pond, Ricochet, etc.

> Setting up Pond servers isn't hard. A friend is working on a how-to.
> But then there's the Panda exchange server :(

Mmm friends, and panda's, be seein ya soon.