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FBI Black Helicopters Spying And Databasing Everything, Including Your Barbecue

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On 05/22/2016 01:08 PM, grarpamp wrote:
> https://news.slashdot.org/story/16/04/07/1120214/spies-in-the-skies-fb

etc. ]

Good catch!  With July 4 coming up the Take Back The Fourth people
should have uses for this and similar paranoia vs. rage inducing

In military aviation circles, black airplanes (which include
helicopters) are ones without tail numbers, that don't file flight
plans and keep their transponders off.  So the FBI and DHS flights
reported in the Buzzfeed article were anything but:  Their identities
and flight paths are highly visible in the public record.

That's enough to make me conclude that these missions have are mostly
about burning allocated budgets in time for renewal, and normalizing
"routine" aerial surveillance in advance of any Court challenges
regarding specific abuses.  Whether the redundancy of building
frequently updated high resolution Google Earth type views of
"amusing" landscapes will be of any practical use is probably not a
factor in whether or not they happen, and get paid for.  I would be
more interested in knowing what IT vendors are involved and how much
they are making, than in what they are storing and how they are
processing it.

Re black airplanes, I have seen four:  All in Orlando, FL which is a
major epicenter of surveillance tech development.  One late afternon
in early December of 1999 three literal black helicopters flew over
the downtown area at low altitude, passing directly over the City Hall
building.  They looked like customized passenger carriers, with Big
shrouds over their engines.  Their rotors were startlingly quiet:  I
expected to see a helicopter at normal altitude in the distance when I
looked up, and three passed directly overhead just above treetop
level.  At the time I guessed Somebody was putting on a show,
demonstrating their ability to evacuate any "important" people from
downtown in the event of a Y2K Bug Apocalypse.

A couple of years later, about a half mile from the same spot, an all
white helicopter with no markings /or/ visible windows stood station
for about 15 minutes at about 1500 feet, 1/4 mile south of a small
anti-war demonstration at Colonial Drive and Magnolia.  At the same
time, a team was working the crowd - taking names and "why you came
out today" under the guise of "I'm a journalism student." This was
done under the watchful eye of a guy in shades at the back of the
crowd who was taking notes between holding a non-stop conversation
with his cuff links.  The FBI had just opened a brand new
"anti-terrorism" school in town.


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