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US Govt Reveals Bill Forcing Assistance, Chumping Crypto, Secrets Beget...

According to a new report in National Journal, the FBI has already
briefed Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) on the methods used to break
into the iPhone at the center of Apple's recent legal fight. Senator
Richard Burr (R-NC) is also scheduled to be briefed on the topic
in the days to come.

TOP SECRET briefings to the two most worthless SECRET critters,
at the top of the most worthless SECRET committee... is worthless
to the people. And that's no SECRET. Yet somehow people continue
to treat that as... notice served, all absolved.
Don't forget... Torture, Murder, Surveillance, Databasing all
supposedly went through that committee of the guilty too.

Feinstein and Burr are both working on a new bill to limit the use
of encryption in consumer technology, expected to be made public
in the weeks to come.

Much of the USA, online, even the world seem to be rather pissed
with the stance and activities of the US Government against crypto.
Cryptos should not just be in their own circles, but educating those
they know... random public around them... that do not already know
about the crypto / privacy issues, the things that haven't made the
nightly news, etc.
The battle against the second coming of Clipper is going to get
uglier and riskier before it gets better. In part because new
lawmaking is at stake, not just interpretation over old.
Supposedly an educated populace has more influence over new laws
than interpretation...

The disclosures come amid widespread calls for the attack to be
made public, particularly from privacy and technology groups.
However the FBI's new method works, the ability to unlock an iPhone
without knowing its passcode represents a significant break in
Apple's security measures, one Apple would surely like to protect