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[FORGED] Fascism, Nazism, Henry Ford's successful sueing of the USGov, money and power - Fwd: A short clip from 'Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick'

Nice polemic. With deep respect for both titans of history, economics and
metaphysics, lipsmacked with earnest opinion, I 
beg m'lords, for tiny eye-time,
a screenshot of a tangible, physical shard of evidence to substantiate learned
alleged long ago imaginary happenings. Say, a gnawed ankle, a dirt-packed
bowel, a petrified turd, a skull showing insertion of tiger-tooth fact and
sucked dry of bloody ideological superiority.

This is stanky cypherpunks, not a Mar a Lago butler SM account.

At 05:37 PM 5/21/2016, Robert Hettinga wrote:

> > On May 21, 2016, at 9:14 AM, John Young <[email protected]> wrote:
> >
> > Got proof?
>Depends on if you�re a Marxist and think that 
>money steals power, or an anarchist and thinks 
>that power steals money. The latter grabs the 
>market-elephant blindly, the former sucks giant 
>donkey dicks in the Tijuana Donkey show of force, fraud, and plunder.
>As an example of what Peter might have been 
>alluding to, Pompey and Julius were rich Roman 
>guys who got richer in the conquering trade, 
>Pompey going east after pirates and then eastern 
>kings, and Julius going after, well, Gaul, 
>actually. And then, you know, Rome, after that.
>But, like I said, it�s older than that. Since 
>people started staying in one place in middle 
>Anatolia about 12-18,000 years ago, about five 
>thousand years before they actually started 
>cultivating the wheat they were harvesting every 
>year and moving out from there down the Tigris 
>and Euphrates and Nile and out into Fair Europa, 
>all farmers -- and then mechanics -- since have 
>been subject to the depredations of former 
>hunter-gatherers who plundered them for their 
>�surplus� assets. And priestly former 
>scavengers who told them lies of pie in the sky 
>when they die to justify the actions of the guys 
>who, you know, beat the fuck out of you if you didn�t pay up.
>Because, like dogs, and hyenas, they could.
>Now the priests are academics, the media, and 
>legislative politicians. The Hunter/gatherers 
>are either professional military (mostly 
) or plundering proto-warlord 
>aristocrats like, come to  think of it, all four 
>current extant presidential hopefuls, and the 
>current occupant of Adams� Edifice.
>There. How�s that?