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Fascism, Nazism, Henry Ford's successful sueing of the USGov, money and power - Fwd: A short clip from 'Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick'

Hey IBM sued and won in court the right to reposess the IBM tabulating
machines from the Death Camps..

ie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_and_the_Holocaust

On 5/20/16 11:32 PM, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> Someone emailed me this clip - it's about 20MiB, so I thought it
> might, just possibly, slight hunch you know, be considered excessive
> to include the attachment to cp...
> For those who didn't know, Ford sued the US govt after WWII for the
> US' bombing of his factories in Germany (which were producing tanks
> etc for Germany), and he won - with a quote, when questioned about
> such an audacious claim, Ford, from the witness box said something
> along the lines of "my dear fellow, some matters are above mere
> international rivalry".
> This extract however puts the position "WWII was the first time in
> history that the wealthy elite could purchase the thuggery of an
> entire nation".
> Worth a look see.
> Z
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> A short clip from 'Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick'
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