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FYI: 'Private Smartphone' ... UnaPhone Zenith

Read about it, and watched a promotional video in youtube (not very good
The main problem I see is being locked in the applications they bundle
on it.

Would it be possible to install open source apps from another storre
such as F-Droid?

> Via tuta.io, links are shortlinks to indiegogo:
> Tutanota Introduces Private Smartphone: UnaPhone Zenith
> Dear privacy-friend,
> we are excited to let you know that we have partnered with Una to bring
> to you the most private and secure smartphone: the UnaPhone Zenith. We
> at Tutanota and Una believe that a phone should not be your personal
> surveillance device, but simply your personal phone, where all the data
> remains with you and cannot be exploited. Una has just launched a
> crowdfunding campaign to bring the Zenith to life
> <https://igg.me/at/unaphone>. As their partner we are proud to let you
> know about this perfect chance to get the Zenith as an early bird!
>       We call it: the Anti-Google Phone!
> The UnaPhone Zenith is the first truly secure and private Android
> smartphone without any compromises. It doesnâ??t use any Google services,
> shady apps or strange permissions. With the Zenith you can stay calm
> knowing that you are never tracked and that your data is never being
> sold. The phone comes with the most secure open source third party apps.
> Of course, the Tutanota App is already pre-installed.
> We hope you share our passion for privacy and support this project
> <https://igg.me/at/unaphone>. Personally, we are thrilled that there
> will be a phone available making sure that our data cannot be abused -
> not even by the carrier. We can't wait to get a Zenith ourselves!
> Cheers,
> your TutanotaTeam

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