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[no subject]

Great, "Greg." Log on to the IP address, click on journal. Prepare to buy new
hard disk, hopelessly try to clean out back-ups, avoid for life the suckers
you infected.

Then try to get out of jail from the phishing gangsters who entrapped you
by getting into your TEMPEST-hardened computer setup and threatening
to send to your relatives and customers their implanted vile kiddie porn
collection as if yours and report to the FBI "Greg's" vast cache of stolen
celebrity accounts and hundreds of nyms, Tor logs, USG break-ins,
counterfeit Bitcoins, comsec dirty work, rattings to LE, and, listen, hear
what's buzzing over your bunker. battering your steel gate.

At 10:20 AM 5/10/2016, you wrote:

>Most interested in the Journal file. Could someone have a look?
>On May 10, 2016 3:53 AM, "John Young" 
><<mailto:[email protected]>[email protected]> wrote:
>At 02:13 AM 5/10/2016, Greg Moss imposter phished:
>Which produces:
>Web attack: Microsoft OleAut32 RCE CVE-2014-6332