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Craig Wright suspends campaign to be the 2016 Satoshi Nakamoto

On 06/05/16 04:03, Rayzer wrote:
> Aussie entrepreneur Craig Wright backed off from his offer to produce
> more evidence

More evidence? Did he produce any evidence at all (which hadn't been faked)?

People have wondered aloud at his motive, but it isn't difficult - there 
is even a word for it, pretender.

Besides, apart from being cryptographically only semi-literate and an 
indifferent coder, he is too Aussie, too young, and too tall to have 
been Satoshi.


-- Peter Fairbrother

that he is Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. He's also
> wiped his website, except for a final, rather ominous message.
> http://boingboing.net/2016/05/05/craig-wright-reneges-on-offer.html