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Stewart Baker - Former 1st Assistant Secretary of DHS General Counsel of the NSA

Tim Belcher - Former CTO, RSA

Jim Bidzos - Chairman and CEO, Verisign

Art Coviello - Former Executive Chairman, RSA

Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D. - Executive Director of the Privacy and Big
Data Institute at Ryerson University

Larry Clinton - President and CEO, Internet Security Alliance

Michael Chertoff - Executive Chairman of The Chertoff Group U.S.
Secretary of Homeland Security (â??05-â??09)

Richard Clarke - Former White House Advisor Chairman and CEO, Good
Harbor Security Risk Management

Edward Davis - Former Boston Police Commissioner

Brian Fitzgerald - Chief Marketing Officer, Veracode

Kasha Gauthier - Program Committee Co-Chair, NICE Special Advisor,
Boston College Cybersecurity Masters Program

J. Trevor Hughes - President and CEO, International Association of
Privacy Professionals

Michael McConnell - Former Director of the NSA and Director of
National Intelligence

Nuala Oâ??Connor - President and CEO, Center for Democracy and Technology

JR Williamson - Corporate Chief Information Officer, Northrop Grumman

fuck all these clowns!