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Questions for Matt DeHart case?

On 2/20/16, Douglas Lucas <[email protected]> wrote:
> I will be covering Courage beneficiary Matt DeHart's sentencing Monday
> in Nashville for https://revolution-news.com/ (@NewsRevo on Twitter).
> Can anyone suggest questions for his defense team, for his parents
> (assuming they're not too distraught), for the prosecutors (who will say
> no comment)? I would be asking these immediately after the sentencing.

hello Douglas!

i'm trying to find out what they drugged Matt with during
interrogations near the border. i filed a FOIA to get an inventory of
medical supplies used at the customs and border protection facility,
which was rejected.

i'll be starting more targeted inquiries soon, but any additional
information about this event might be helpful.

thank you for attending the sentencing!

best regards,