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Apple Vs FBI: We tried to help the FBI but someone changed phone's iCloud password

On Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 11:08:07AM -0800, Rayzer wrote:
> > The idea was to force the iPhone 5C to auto-backup to Farook�s
> > iCloud account. With a legal court order, Apple can and does turn over
> > iCloud data. For some reason, Farook had not backed up the phone for
> > roughly six weeks prior to the attack. The executive said Apple does
> > not know whether the auto-backup was disabled or enabled, but he did
> > say that the previous iCloud backups, which were handed over to
> > investigators, were sporadic.
> >

"It appears the killer disabled his cloud backups after this date."

How do they enable remotely(?) disabled backups?

And Apple can read plaintext backups on their cloud?...