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De-dollarization possibly about to snowball

On 2/15/16, juan <[email protected]> wrote:
>> and
>> thankfully we've now got Bitcoin to keep anti-inflation quacks
> 	So what are you? You sound like a pro inflation quack. Well
> 	quack is not best word. Though of course inflationists are
> 	poster children for economic bullshit, and their 'theories' are
> 	laughable nonsense. But calling them "quacks" kinda misses the
> 	point...

"pro inflation quack" - I like it, very apt.

Let's rewrite "anti inflation quack" to "pro stable money proponent",
or perhaps more likely:
- "pro gold backed currency conspiracy theorist"
- "anti fiat currency revolutionaries"
- "government financial accountability quacks"
- "pro constitution subversives"

or, as we've probably all heard
- "pro constitution terrorists/ extremists"

A phrase many years ago from a friend of mine:
"Inflation is the precise measure of the transfer of wealth from the
people to the banks, for the unit of time for which inflation is being

This applies when the following are true:
1) Fiat currency is the legislated currency.
2) The banks are privatised and not owned by the government/ people
(which situation is unconstitutional/ unlawful/ treasonous, as per
current USA and Australian constitutions respectively)