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Cryptome?s searing critique of Snowden Inc.

On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 08:04:35AM -0500, Steve Kinney wrote:
> Accoring to Snowden, Greenwald, et al, Snowden has nothing to
> trade for asylum:  Everyone in a position to know says that he
> gave the whole works to Greenwald & co., to use as he sees fit.
> That does not make their assertion true, but as far as I know, no
> evidence contradicts it.

DISCLAIMER: I don't follow the Snowden affair.

I don't believe your claim.

Why Merica wants Snowden if he can't hurt them?

Greenwald, et al appear to be on Merica's soil, so it is O(1)
the cops to silence them.

Merica wants no leaks, not a particular individual.

So Snowden went to Russia empty handed and Russia took him?

Appears to me Snowden still personally leaks enough from 
Russia to give merica troubles, no?