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request for comment re "contributor-covenant.org"

On Tue, 09 Feb 2016 11:10:46 -0500
Ted Smith <[email protected]> wrote:

> As for ideology, I use my real name on this list because I'm already
> openly anarchist and cypherpunk in my meatspace identity and see no
> reason to hide this. However, you seem confused on the nature of
> anarchism. 

	And what about you? 

> As a rejection of all forms of coercion and hierarchy,
> anarchism is both implicitly and explicitly feminist, anti-racist,
> anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist.

	'feminist'? meaning? 'anti-capitalist'? meaning? 

> If you're a "libertarian," I urge you to stop using a word that
> everywhere but the united states means "anarchist" in the sense I have
> been using

	OK. Now just think about what you wrote. You (correctly) reject
	imperialism yet you are assuming that the whole fucking world
	speaks...what? The language of the fucking anglo-american

	"libertarian" is an english word. It doesn't exist in any other
	language but english.  For instance, in french they have the
	word "libertaire" which refers to the kind of anarchismo you
	prolly see as the only 'true' anarchism. Spanish has the word
	"libertario", which isn't too common but the meaning is supposed
	to be similar to the french word. 

	Those two languages also have the word "liberal". Do you know
	what liberal means? 

> it and in the sense anarchists throughout history have used
> it including but not limited to Emma Goldman, Assata Shakur, and Bill
> Haywood, 

	all english speakers.

> and instead say "neo-feudalist" which is perhaps more
> appropriate. 

	Do you know why advocated of individual rights, laissez faire
	and the like  are now called "libertarians" in english?