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The Intercept steps up after catching a reporter faking data and sources

juan wrote:
>> > 
>> > Riseup is also the incubator for Tails development (labs.riseup.net).
> 	Thanks for the info. I had assumed tails was a sort of side
> 	project of the tor faction to get even more tax dollars. Maybe
> 	riseup gets some DoD donations too?

Maybe they don't know about it or care. Dunno. Don't care myself. I
assume revolutionaries are dead men on furlough and there's a Predator
drone somewhere over the horizon (or rooftop) with my metadata
programmed into it, and a hellfire missile with a smiley-face painted on
bearing the inscription "Have a nice day Rayzer".

Somewhere on Tor's site I ran into something about how Tail's
tor/browser was more secure than the standard torbrowser because of
something the tails folks were doing with iptables. Perhaps they're
'steering' traffic away from (or yeah, perhaps towards, take that anyway
you like...) certain nodes.


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