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USA To Require Govt Issued ID To Use Internet, No More Anonymous

On 1/21/16, Rayzer <[email protected]> wrote:
> Steve Kinney wrote:
>> It's a matter of perspective.  A fear based world view that
>> imposes a constant 'need' for protection by ersatz parental
>> figures is the consensus reality in Amerika.
> The worldview in  Merica, as illustrated by the responses I'm seeing is

I'm from Australia.

> 'denial of responsibility'

Not at all. It's about appropriate responses, and responding
appropriately, with responsibility. Your assertion is unfounded.

> and a touch of sociopathy...

Now that's just inflammatory - such an allusion needs facts in
support, if you want a serious discussion, but now I'm stating the

> Given that, "a
> constant 'need' for protection" seems prerequisite.

And I thought -I- was cynical. If you fundamentally mistrust 'most'
humans, you might want to look at that. It may be good to live with a
little paranoia, but that's personal, not how to run a state. It would
be nice if the state -were- in fear of the people - now that would be
a mighty fine day :D