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[tor-talk] US Case: Infinite Jail Contempt for Disk Crypto, 5th Amndmnt, All Writs, FileVault, Freenet CHKs

On 4/29/16, Ð?лекÑ?андÑ? <[email protected]> wrote:
> In the 60's/70's it was "the communist threat/spying for the bloody
> russians", now it's "child porn/terrrrorism"... they change their masks
> (that always seem so "beautiful"), BUT they can't change their ugly faces.

The "distrust, spy on, and rat out your neighbor theme" is always popular,
be it for commies or whatever. A handful of years ago they recruited postal
workers for that role too. Now...

Of the plans put forward by the federal government to identify and
stop budding terrorists, among the least understood are the FBIâ??s
â??Shared Responsibility Committees.â??
The idea of the committees is to enlist counselors, social workers,
religious figures, and other community members to intervene with
people the FBI thinks are in danger of radicalizing â?? the sort of
alternative to prosecution and jail time many experts have been
clamoring for. But civil liberties groups worry the committees could
become just a ruse to expand the FBIâ??s network of informants, and the
government has refused to provide details about the program.
The Intercept has obtained a letter addressed to potential committee
members from the FBI...