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blockchain startup

On 4/26/16, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
> Shocard
> https://shocard.com/
> Secure Public Data Layer
> The ShoCard Identity Platform is built on a public blockchain data
> layer, so as a company we're not storing any data or keys that could
> be compromised. All identity data is encrypted and hashed then
> stored in the blockchain...

As with PGP, "driver licences", passports, databases, etc...
people may not have a problem with this new model.

What they may / do have a problem with is,
now they themselves being more educated and aware,
that such systems proposed by others wanting over them
may not be voluntary or actually necessary to any given purpose,
nor give them the fine grained "self source of authority"
controls they may desire.

Try again, inventors.