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China's gold back story

On 4/22/16, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
>  | >         But yeah, it's also true that they've been 'developing' their
>  | >         own electric monies before bitcoin arrived into the scene...
>  |
>  | And I agree with you that they will probably try to coopt Bitcoin or at
>  | least blockchain technologies. If not to build their "cashless society"
>  | then at least to try to crowd out potential uses for anonymous
> transactions
>  | by ensuring that all the "legitimate" players are playing on a controlled
> &
>  | tracked blockchain.
> I (think I) understand why a regime like China wants a
> cashless society, but what is in it for Sweden (which is
> much farther along the road to Hell)?

Fear I think, the endless desire of those in power to hold onto that
power, and to try ever further sheeple controlling techniques to that

Sweden appears entirely bound by the balls, Assange rape charges and
extradition - the conduct and sequence of events is, to my eyes, an
indictment against Swedish politicians and the Swedish legal and law
enforcement establishment. I hold that such a number of humans acting
unethically in concert do so because they are compromised - sexually,
financially, or by threats and intimidation. Those who desire control
catch more political bees with honey I suspect, which leads me to
think wikileaks, or rather anonymous publishing, scares the living
daylights out of them.

Only a matter of time before the leak of all leaks makes it public...
as the infighting grows, loyalty blows; will require purported
descriptions for public media consumption rather than direct wikileaks
publishing though, one can imagine.