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Re: Robert De Niro and Autism – a Tragic Drama of Intimidation

> 	By-the-way, the first problem with a discussion about vaccines
> 	and 'autism' is to take for granted that such a thing as
> 	'autism' has any intellectual legitimacy, when in reality the
> 	concept of 'autism' is pseudo scientific garbage coming from the
> 	same scumbag 'scientists' who considered homosexuality a kind
> 	of 'mental illness' and who to this day 'cure' children who
> 	'suffer' 'ADHD' by giving them amphetamine.

Are you sure you want to go here Juan?  Because like it or not, and no
matter how uncool or unmetro it is, cutting off your penis does not
make you a woman.  Yet the LBGQT crowd woudl debase women by calling
such crippled men "women".  Also, poop doesn't and cannot make
love--you're body rejects the material coming out of your anus, why
wouldn't be pathological?  How about men who eat poop in the psych
wards?  Should the people who are evaluating them be considered
"Pseudo-scientific garbage"?

Feel free to take all the time you need to explain your position...