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DARPA will hold the world's first all-computer Capture the Flag
tournament in which automated systems may take the first steps
toward a defensible, connected future. DARPA's goal for the Cyber
Grand Challenge (CGC) is to spur an automation revolution in computer
security so machines can discover, confirm and fix software flaws
within seconds, instead of waiting up to a year as is typical under
the current human-centric system. DARPA believes these capabilities
are essential if the nation and world are to take full advantage
of the increasingly interlinked big-data revolution while protecting
data and processes-especially as more and more devices, including
vehicles and homes, get connected to the "Internet of Things".

Seven teams from across the United States have qualified to compete
in the Final Event. Nearly $4 million in prizes are at stake-along
with the chance to help revolutionize the future of cybersecurity.
The winning team will receive $2 million; second place will earn
$1 million; and third place will earn $750,000.

The CGC Final Event will take place August 4, 2016, live on stage
co-located with the DEF CON 24 conference in Las Vegas.

For more information, please visit: http://www.cybergrandchallenge.com

DARPA: Cyber Grand Challenge Final Event
WHAT: The World's First All Machine Hacking Tournament
WHEN: Thursday, August 4, 2016 (5:00pm - 8:00pm PCT)
WHERE: Paris Hotel and Conference Center, Las Vegas, NV

To learn more about the Cyber Grand Challenge, check out DARPA
Program Manager Mike Walker on 60 Minutes (https://youtu.be/OVV_k73z3E0)
and his DEF CON presentation about DARPA's fully automated capture
the flag hacking tournament (https://youtu.be/gnyCbU7jGYA).

Cyber Grand Challenge Finals are a free event open to the public;
no attendance fee is required but visitors wishing to stay for DEF
CON note: The DEF CON conference requires an attendance fee - please
go to defcon.org for more details.

Please pass on to those who may be interested.


DARPA Adaptive Execution Office - Cyber Grand Challenge Team

For additional questions/inquires please contact : [email protected]