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How comes the cops didn't raid all tor exit nodes?

On 4/9/16, Georgi Guninski <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 08, 2016 at 11:14:18AM +0000, Alfie John wrote:
>> > My explanation is they don't want to do it.
>> You only need to raid a single exit node loudly to scare off the rest...
> Hm, are you sure? IIRC at least several exit nodes have been raided.

Come on, it's the principle! When you're one convict prison commander
with 1000 convicts and only three guards, how do you control them in a
god forsaken outback post like early colonial Australia?

When one plays up, you flog someone else, someone who didn't actually
do anything wrong, someone random. Then they self police. Call it tall
poppy or some better name, but the goal is the point - intimidation
and self censorship, self policing, avoidance of the possible problem
etc, of those who would stand up and be counted e.g. by running a Tor
exit node in the pursuit of freedoms and liberty.

In this modern, civilized, respectable age <ahem>, the arthorratays
can only get away with so much random punishment, but they still try,
creating an environment of "guilty until you prove your own damn
innocence", "we will randomly raid you even though we know your Tor
exit node is a common carrier, and if you don't hand over your
passwords immediately for our infestigation we WILL make your life a
living hell" and variations on the theme.

You have freedoms and rights and inviolable protections, only within
the limits of the interests of the power elite/ bankers/ government/
military industrial complex of the day.