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Tor ExitNode with solar powered drone and by protection from church like kopimism

Vids ;)

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Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2016 03:46:18 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: [tor-talk] Tor ExitNode with solar powered drone and by
protection from church like kopimism
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Hi Tor Talkers,

i saw the bags of #WeWillRebuild and the general problem for a Tor
ExitNode at home
the thoughts
why don't you put it to a drone or two, one drone to do the ExitNode
and the second for the solar power?

that couldn't be that heavy a drone can't carry even when you can add
a chainsaw to a drone

Flying chainsaw

or to lift 33kg/72,7Lb beer

Heavy Lift 1135mm 33kg Hobby King Beer Lift

the drone(s) must not fly all the time if you have a place it/they
could stay put and out of reach (that avoids the noise the drones
make, too) if you look a bit paranoia do a alarm system on it so you
get a notice if your drones get touched

maybe you can extend the distance with some literally bridges like

depending on the country you need a license to fly a drone or/and an
insurance or/and to be a member of an air/flying association to cover
the damage your drone might do to others when it isn't that save for
the drone during a windstorm
another thought is more handycrafty
put the exit node in a thing that fits in the surroundings outside the
home (stone, tree, grass) with a 3D printer you easily get the best
there is a library project, too

at last they need more popularity

Faced with police and city concerns, library director Fleming agreed
to turn off the Tor relay temporarily until the board could
reconsider. â??We need to find out what the community thinks,â?? he said.
â??The only groups that have been represented so far are the Police
Department and City Hall.â??

Jacob did some Tor Exits in museum, i heard of.
perhaps some churches , art galleries or med clinics will spend asyl
for Tor, too.
the church kopimism will do that, i suppose so.

The Church, based in Sweden, has been officially recognized by the
Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency as a
religious community, after three application attempts.

perhaps there are other Tor user/exitnods protective synergetic
effects by the one or other constitution. so the time you spend to
avoid law enforcement at home you could spend to persuade someone but
the person must do that on free will not while you have induced your
will to the person.
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