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[tor-talk] Innocent Seattle Exit Operators And Privacy Advocates Raided - Tor was run out of home @Phil Mocek and @e347c518

On 4/5/16, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi Phil Mocek and Tor Talkers,
> @Phil Mocek
> thx for the links. normally there is a cache of a website for some time. but
> this time i got none. so thanks for the links.
>>- <https://twitter.com/SeattlePrivacy/status/716460499106340864>
>>- <https://twitter.com/jdormansteele/status/716807343988715521>
>>- <https://web.archive.org/web/20160304025122/www.seattleprivacy.org/>
> @e347c518
>> They found no evidence of as a molester so that is good too. Unless it was
>> really but hidden.
> nevertheless, the two activists are now known and never search engine
> forgotten at last as some who were raided for a childporn picture by police
> and fbi. if you need a job or want to fund money for a campaign or project
> even for another Tor Exit Node it will be a lot harder or impossible. and
> that is the more crucial thing what has happened here; fearful activists in
> spe will think twice doing a Tor Exit (at home). in these times it isn't
> "not guilty until proven otherwise". if you want a relationship with another
> employer, partner or travel around (with visa) it will be hard if someone
> search your name now in the internet. the most people don't read to the end.
> they aren't interested in "not guilty" but in "unless it was really but
> hidden". that is cruel. you don't want that in your digital CV for a single
> childporn picture which never existed, you never possessed you never saw.
> as previously said <1MB childporn pic suffocate all your equipments (can't
> use it after policed touched it)
> https://twitter.com/SeattlePrivacy/status/716460499106340864
> #WeWillRebuild
> and change your life. i understand now, you really want to change something
> desperately in the USA while installing a Tor ExitNode in your home. that is
> hard core. but you can get wet once only when it is raining. i hope the
> number of the community and the tor exit nodes operators will skyrocket now
> and every time a raid like this happens.
> perhaps we should make some search engine words suggestions trendy for the
> raid winners
> Bultmann Robinson nobel peace prize winner best employee of the month
> guardians of the gate Tor is where your home is home is where Tor is

I'd hire them, let them immigrate their boat on my beach, live quietly
in my flat. One's history may be relavent to the opposition, yet nothing
is impossible among peers.