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Is it possible to leak huge load of data over onions?

It could be possible, though I think they must have done in a different
way. I don't think waiting 27 days is an option, specially for the
source. Freenet has a file-sharing service by default, that could also
have been used. Mailing is an option too, though you have a risk of
loosing the package, so registering would be needed (fucking his
identify). I am really curious about this, since he was not yet caught.

Also what kind of encrypted chat did he have with the journalist? Did
they already have a OTR or something similar? Or did he have to "teach"
them like Snowden had?

On 04/03/2016 11:50 PM, grarpamp wrote:
> On 4/3/16, Griffin Boyce <[email protected]> wrote:
>> How do you transmit an elephant? One byte at a time...
>> But on a serious note, it's possible to transfer 2.6TB over Tor in small
>> pieces (such as file by file or via torrent). Given the size, however, I'd
>> suspect they mailed hard drives after establishing contact with
>> journalists. Even on a fairly fast connection, 2.6TB would take quite a
>> while...
> That amount of data would take 27 days at 10Mbps.
> Few would be willing to sit supervising in a hotseat that long
> when they can physically mail 3TB for $100 and 8TB for $230.
> Though they might spend 3 days pushing 100Mbps via shells, etc.
> Overlay networks move data reasonably well, and reliability
> could be handled by chunking protocols. Available link
> speeds (thus path speeds) are likely to be limiting factor,
> ie: 10Mbps limits you to 100GiB a day. Though at 1Mbps,
> DVD torrenting on say I2P seems to be a thing.

Kind Regards,
Ben Mezger

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