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Finally, technology and justice come together

Seems we need our government to issue breeding licenses and car cams
to keep a close, and I mean close, eye on everyone.

At least someone is finally putting technology to a good use,
upholding justice, pricking the conscience and delivering some
<ahem>firm, justice.

America, that freedom lovin nation we all love to love. God bless America.

"Oklahoma Video Vigilante Uses Drone To Wage War Against Prostitutes and Johns
HughPickens.com writes:
Chris Baraniuk writes at BBC that Brian Bates, known in Oklahoma as
the "Video Vigilante," is taking credit for Amanda Zolicoffer's
conviction on a lewdness charge after being caught on Bates' drone
mounted camera in a sex act in a parked vehicle last year. Zolicoffer
was sentenced to a year in state prison for the misdemeanor while the
case against her alleged client, who was released following arrest in
December, is still pending. "I'm sort of known in the Oklahoma City
area," says Bates . "For the last 20 years I've used a video camera to
document street-level and forced prostitution, and human trafficking."
Bates runs a website where he publishes videos of alleged sex workers
and their clients. "I am openly referred to as a video vigilante, I
don't really shy away from that," says Bates adding that the two
individuals were inside a vehicle and the incident occurred away from
other members of the public. The drone dropped to within a few feet of
the vehicle where it filmed a 75 year old in the front seat of the
white pickup truck. The duo separated after Zolicoffer, who was
identified by her tattoo saying "Baby Gangster," saw the drone
hovering overhead.