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nsa taxis

On 4/3/16, juan <[email protected]> wrote:
> 	I haven't looked at the current 'state of the art' in
> 	decentralized markets lately, but some stuff has already been
> 	coded, no? Problem is, it's not just a matter of coding...


openbazaar market + ethereum payments + tor/i2p =
current state of implemented art?

For things to take off... a product / service agnostic market,
anonymous payments, p2p over anonymous overlay nets...
all decentralized, with reputation. All are needed components
for all sorts of free and open commerce to flourish.

> 	Also, anonimity and reputation-based systems don't mix well..

They mix perfectly. Anonymity goes with compartmentalization
and selective exposure of data. You are in control. If you decline
to expose some nonobservable element that others find valuable
to know, that's your choice, and theirs to rate accordingly. Bliss.

In such a reputation enabled digital market, your Real-ID
and whether you ate pancakes or steak for breakfast is
irrelavent to getting me from A to B.
Others might prefer to rate you on the uparmored preventative
safety shell you built into your car vs. seeing money wasted on
your gov-corp mandated insurance docs. Length of service. Etc...
Though [blind] assertions by gov-corp may have value in the market,
the higher reputation market incorporates and weighs any such value
in its "price discovery" process in various ranking categories.