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Warrant canaries appear to be usable by large US companies - Reddit in this case

On 4/3/16, Zenaan Harkness <[email protected]> wrote:
> Today, Reddit deleted wording in its
> transparency report that would normally indicate that they had not
> received any "national security letters" or "other classified requests
> for user information." Such "national security...

Some blogs say NSL's are unconstitutional violating:
- the Fourth (are not warrants/subpoenas/orders reviewed signed by judge).
- the First (being extralegal as such, there is no legal prior restraint).
[As if "legal" PR is constitutional in itself.]
>From tens of thousands of NSL's, only maybe three cases
have followed that with courage to fight it. Probably none have
conscientiously object, ie: ignoring and speaking
first instead of asking permission.