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Firefox 36+ listens on UDP:1900

Dnia poniedziaÅ?ek, 30 marca 2015 22:09:58 [email protected] pisze:
> Point of order: One can be anti-$XYZ without being $XYZ-phobic.
> Example: What this thread has to do with listening on UDP:1900 is,
> well, digressive and while I am anti-digression I sure as hell am
> not digression-phobic or, to be most clear, you are not seriously
> anti-$XYZ until you have put any $XYZ-phobia with which you might
> be freighted fully behind you.
> As Aristotle said, "Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society."

And yet Greeks had no problems with homosexuals. So they didn't even have to 
be "tolerant" towards "them".

So I read this sentence the other way around: a society that has to be 
"tolerant" is dying, as things that should not bother anyone at all are 
apparently bothering a lot of people (some of whom at least try to stay 
"tolerant" towards them).

MichaÅ? "rysiek" Woźniak

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