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Firefox 36+ listens on UDP:1900

2015-03-31 23:38 GMT+09:00 Georgi Guninski <[email protected]>:

> P_2: I don't care how gays fuck themselves, but don't
> understand why they are proud of it and make parade. Should
> all people with feature $X$ parade? Should drunkards and
> lunatics parade because they are proud of their condition?
> Do gays have more rights than heterosexual people?

To show it's not something you need to hide.

Mozilla was in murky waters regarding employee's freedom of speech
(spending == speech says supreme court) and an important employee's (very
and imho justly) unpopular opinion. The important employee solved the
problem by leaving, freedom of speech made a distant pained sound and the
aggressive-tolerance community turned it's iPhones to other no doubt super
important causes.

ITT: Mozilla publishes an dumb update for something nobody could had ever
wanted, reducing security, does not feature disable preference.

Regarding Google alliance: money for freedom in exchange for a
search-engine most will use anyway? Probably a good trade (makes Firefox
better in the end). Switching it to Bing whenever they pay more, or just to
make Google pay up? Very consistent. When Ubuntu went full retard with
Amazon, that was amazingly over the top stupid. I hope they got good money
for it, in the end improving people's security and privacy. Made me switch
to Debian though. Just waiting for the thing that forces me to OpenBSD.

And when my last features are gone, finally I shall have peace.
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