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One Laptop Per Terrorist

On Sat, 28 Mar 2015 13:21:45 +1100
Zenaan Harkness <[email protected]> wrote:

> But, as has been said many times before here, perhaps even by you Mr
> Juan :), is that some of us seriously doubt whether any 'disruptive'
> technology can ever solve a social structure, power imbalance, or
> power structure abuse problem.

	Heh. Indeed =) 

	I didn't mean to suggest that there was any disruptive
	technology that could solve the basic political problem (I
	guess in that regard I'm just not a cypherpunk)

	What I was getting at is that if there were real 'terrorists'
	out there, they could easily communicate using an apparently
	unbreakable cypher. So, all the resources that governments
	spend trying to read 'terrorist mail' are wasted. Furthermore,
	I'm assuming that any organization ('legal'  or 'ilegal') that
	want allegedly secure communications use OTPs. So, it seems to
	me that at some ('high' or 'very high') level all cryptoanalysis
	is basically bullshit. 

> a) Can a small group unite behind a cause in a fundamentally
> egalitarian way, and b) is there such a cause that exists, for the
> small group to unite behind, which is a significant enough cause to
> engage the attention and will of the greater body of our society?
> The real problem IMEHO (in my extremely high opinion) is The People
> (TM) (GMBH) (C) (R) (PTY) (LTD) failing to grasp their own situation,
> failing to hold to principles beyond satisfying the human passions,
> and fundamentally failing to give a shit beyond themselves or possibly
> their family.

	Yes, and in the short run they might argue that things are not
	so bad, but they seem unable to understand long term
	trends...or as you note above...and below...they just don't

	I guess we are not feeling too optimistic today =P

> Frankly, humans are a lost cause and will always sell their souls for
> not only temporary convenience, but for the avoidance of perceived
> short or medium term pain. Readers of this email excepted of course :D
> > The recipe goes something like this :
> ...
> > I'm guessing that any real 'spies' out there have been using
> > something like this for a while.
> Your guess is the same as mine.
> Zenaan