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Help: Can anyone identify what this is?

On 3/19/15, Archivists <[email protected]> wrote:
> I'm a pen tester by trade. I don't believe these are for wireless attacks.

citation needed :P

> They appear to be RF signal detectors; the dB scale is to indicate signal
> strength and for locating the proximity of broadcasting access points or
> devices.

9dBm / 18dBm / 23 dBm / 30 dBm
 - these are xmit powers common for 2.4Ghz. 200mW on rightmost device?
it would need to be next to an access point for detection at that
level with those antennas. (not likely in stairwell)

however, 200mW is a common output power level for 802.11bg.  and a
stairwell carries lots of traffic - e.g. many devices going by.

of course, without more info, it could be anything.  i still put my
money on offensive kit...