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Fwd: [tor-talk] (UK) Parliamentary advice on Tor

Cypherpunks can analyze whether it's fishy for world leaders
and agencies known spouting FHOTI, going dark, and bitcoin
hate... to start stylishly trending 180 on such things. Always
beware the sly smile of the politician.

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From: Ben Tasker <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 6:56 AM
Subject: [tor-talk] (UK) Parliamentary advice on Tor
To: [email protected]

Interesting reading  - the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
(POST) has published it's report on Tor and the (in)feasibility of blocking
anonymous access for users within the UK.

The document's a PDF, and the layout is questionable, but it's worth a read
if you have 5 minutes.


There are some interesting insights in there, from the perspective of what
LEA's see.

The overall summary though is - blocking anonymous access wholesale is not
an acceptable policy option in the UK, and would impact on non-criminal Tor
users. There _might_ be more appetite for legislating against Hidden
Services, but enforcing it would be technologically infeasible.

Ben Tasker
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