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FOIPA adventures

first responsive one to complete:


"A search of the INTERPOL Washington indices produced 87 responsive
pages regarding the Tor Project. We have reviewed the pages and are
releasing 3 pages with partial redactions pursuant to Title 5, United
States Code, Section 552 and of the FOIA."

i'm not going to challenge the exception, but if anyone else cares to,
see the case above.

best regards,

P.S. originally i had included Tor devs on these requests, with an
offer like the one below. it turns out most of them have tried these
FOIPA requests before, and got the run-around or simple Glommar
responses. rather than demonstrate an ability for selective insanity,
i am carrying on with this muckrock experiment solo.

finally, i have come to the position that i like muckrock, and anyone
else who wants embargoes during requests should sign up a professional
account and support their good work!


 <thanks, and>

 I have a HUGE favor to ask of you!
  and it involves multiple iterations of annoying paperwork.  :/
   [there are probably other reasons this is the worst request ever...]

 Should you kindly agree to participate, you will mail multiple copies
 of identification documents to various agencies. You will _not_ need to
 pay any fees. I will reimburse you for shipping with tracking number
 (prefer USPS priority with tracking #). Requests are hidden / embargoed
 until approved for public release - you will review them before public.

 This is in support of a project I describe below, using public records,
 and inspired by Aaron's fearless advocacy for transparency.

 I hope you consider participating!
 - martin