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REAL-ID Phone Access Coming Soon

Dnia wtorek, 3 marca 2015 11:50:07 Cathal Garvey pisze:
>  > Hold on there. These are two different beasts. DNT is "please don't
>  > track me" and of course it won't work.
> In fact, it's worse. DNT, if set either way, is another pure bit of
> browser entropy; it actually *assists* certain forms of tracking,
> because it can be expected to remain invariant between visits of a given
> browser/user.

Absolutely. However, I did use to give even more bits of entropy bu setting my 
UA String in a particular way:

Now I just need to start filing lawsuits, I guess. ;)

> This is just one of the things making me think the "web" needs a total
> re-boot to redesign for security from the boots-up. Servers shouldn't
> require user-agents to know how to treat visitors. Scripting is useful
> for a rich experience but should be more sand-boxable (ideally, scripts
> can be sandboxed to their position in the DOM tree!) and tightly
> permission'd. Canvas and other elements should behave deterministically;
> this should be part of browser test-suites. Browsers should be allowed
> cache fonts but not disclose to the server whether they have a font in
> their cache or not.

But look, HTTP/2.0 is comming! Oh, wait:

> DNT was another nail in the coffin. Either a browser can be tracked by
> design, or it can't.


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