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Governments Covertly Fund Internet Freedom Activists

Well said. Very few citizens receiving government funds, benefits,
perks, favors, bribes, contracts, tax write-offs, and even fewer NGO
beneficiaries are bothered by laws. procedures, pacts, secrecy,
venality, venerable greasing of palms. This is what governments
and NGOs were invented for and remain the premier source of
livelihood one way or the other, especially for those who pretend
opposition while royally partying with opponents. Royally, not

6- and 7-figure dollar compensation of officers of NGO, edu, com,
gov, religion, media ad nauseum, confirm the arrangement to promise
public service as a lure to vampire the lucre of believers who think they
will be able to become brazen vampires too. And it works, shrewd
recruits and donors like Soros, Omidyar, WikiLeaks, Snowden and
millions of followers flood into civil liberties, cybersec, anonymizing,
FOI, spying, think tanks, ACLU, EFF, EPIC, Privacy International,
Investigative Journalists, ProPublica, The Intercept, on and on ad
nauseum from Day One to 0-Day.

Favorite rejoiner to accusations of perfidy is to accuse of conspiracy
of various stripes, never ever confessing that the greatest conspiracies
are promulgated by governments and their well-trained domesticates:
Spies, agents, sources, cohorts, informants, educators, preachers,
contractors, opinionators, operators, heroes, medalists, oh hell, us
SOB maestroes of the Duh Conspiracy.

At 07:44 PM 2/28/2015, mo wrote:
>Well. Duh.
>As a happy recipient of this totally laundered crazy government money,
>and, yes, if you don't read any of the documents these entities provide
>it may come as a complete surprise to you, I am quite happy about them
>having to preserve some privacy.
>Can't we be happy that government money can actually (try to) do good?
>Does really /everything/ have to be The Reptilian Conspiracy?
>On 02/27/2015 05:20 PM, Polity News wrote:
> > When asked for public records about internet freedom funding, the
> > governments of the Netherlands and Sweden classified and redacted
> > documents about the contracts.
> >
> > 
> http://piratetimes.net/governments-covertly-fund-internet-freedom-activists/
> >