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Search History Skeptic

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 07:12:20PM +0200, rysiek wrote:
> Dnia poniedziaÅ?ek, 30 czerwca 2014 11:02:53 Troy Benjegerdes pisze:
> > (yes, I am shamelessly copyrighting this shit for profit, just like all
> > the so called 'news' outlets are)
> That means nobody can copy the description, but the idea is perfectly 
> copyable; what you would need is a patent.

Dangit, now I have to find a patent lawyer who likes trolling.

Copyright addendum: anyone with a .pl email address can do whatever the 
hell they like to the referenced message, including remove my copyright.
But only if they have publicly posted to cypherpunks.

Lawyers still might get sued.

There, fixed the license for you.