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At 10:20 AM 6/29/2014, you wrote:

>any add. info on 'compromised jabber'?
>Got some hints as well - nothing clear.

"Compromised" is the time's opportunistic word for ever more anti-NSA 
comsec, mom.

Cisco Jabber Client (scroll down):



Linked In Microsoft Office + Jabber Listed in Spy Program Specialty" 
(scroll down)


US Secret Service reportedly rigged access to Jabber to take down 
Silk Road and others. Can't find reference.

Allegations also made against Chaos Computer Club being "compromised."

No question that all these could be disinfo ops to distrust the 
services, discourage use and drive users to less
trustworthy servcies. However, the post-Snowden rise in "secure drop 
boxes," "NSA-proof email," and the bountiful other snake oils by the 
comsec industry and peculiarly opportunistic do-gooders suggests there are
willing and unwilling cooperators with the spooks industry, and not 
least, the thriving anti-spooks industry consulting the spooks on 
what can be done "without harming national security."

Cypherpunks laid the foundation for this, no question, and a few have 
gone on to do rather well at working both sides of comsec, that is 
what comsec has always been: duplicitous, sneaky, treacherous, lying, 
cheating, why not tell it snakily, downright upright-humans raping 
the planet and beyond the blob, the stars.

Examine speaker bureau offerings for who is traveling the blob 
peddling prime snake fracking.