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why do you sign your mails?

Dnia Å?roda, 25 czerwca 2014 11:20:50 stef pisze:
> i noticed lots of users pgp-sign their mails to mailing-lists. what exactly
> is the reason/usecase/attackvector you defend against for that? what
> exactly is the reason for doing so on public mailing lists? and why does it
> make sense to sign irrelevant messages like "+1" or "just kidding" -
> assuming no stego usecase is in play.

I sign my e-mails for the same reasons I undersign them. E-mail is dead-easy 
to forge, so when I have something to say, I sign it in a way to ensure that 
it's as unforgeable as possible.

I sign *all* my e-mail (and try to encrypt as much as possible, but that's 
another thing), even trivial, so that if anybody gets e-mail from me that is 
*not* signed, they will be more likely to suspect foul play.

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