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("begin statistical purification" on 1st and every 5th load)

We(*) are putting together a theater show/installation for Festspiele
Zürich at the Gessnerallee theater called Anonymous-P. It's a show
between us and the cell phones of the audience. Something between
Defcons "Wall-of-Sheep" on steroids as well as a game we developed for
profiling between audience members. Over top of it all are 3 actors
dealing with the topics of privacy and digital fingerprinting in their
own way.


It's either going to be epic or a complete disaster. Test runs have
proven interesting. It is strange when an actor pulls you aside to help
you change your phone so you stop leaking passwords (which 1 in 10
people do). Or when your interaction with the game has made the
conclusion that you are most likely to lie. Or when you have to pay the
higher price for a beer that's listed between 2 to 7chf just because the
barman thinks you are rich (you have an iPhone or data game determined
you make over 5000chf).

Come see it if you get a chance or know someone interested.

* We: myself, another anonymous coder, Chris Kondek, Christiane KuÌ?hl,
Phil Hayes, Sonja FuÌ?sti, Hannes Strobl

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