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Fw: Lois Lerner's conveeeeeeeeeeniently-lost emails.

Dnia niedziela, 15 czerwca 2014 12:29:03 jim bell pisze:
> Somebody reminded me...
> >> Note:  I wonder what kind of email system would be:   1.  Used by the
> >> Federal Government.  2.  NOT be regularly backed-up.   3.  Would lose up
> >> to
> >> two (2) years of emails in a crash. Jim Bell
> >> [article follows]
> >
> >I'm sure they'd be able to find backups in a serverfarm in Utah, eh?
> Excellent point!  Although, that Utah operation might not have been
> functioning in 2011.  But presumably the NSA had a smaller operation
> somewhere else prior to that. So, who wants to REMIND the prosecutors in
> IRS-gate that somebody else has these emails?

That would be a great "unstoppable force -- please meet immovable object" 
moment, I think. Fun to watch. Very popcorn-worthy.

> Maybe the future for the NSA will be as a type of
> "super-backwards-Carbonite" operation?  But instead of, "Pay us money and
> we'll back up your emails", it'll be, "Pay us money and we WON'T back up
> your emails"!!!

A rock-solid business model, I give you that! ;)

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