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Lois Lerner's conveeeeeeeeeeniently-lost emails.

I assume she was using Outlook and probably Exchange.  Does anyone using Outlook really expect to be able to reliably have access to 
their old email very long?  I think "those people" are idiots...  I'd guess that Outlook / Exchange versioning issues, curruption, 
periodic rebuilds / restarts, and general Windows / Microsoft related confusion led periodic lossage that is just the cost of using 
such technology.

I have a continuous archive of email spanning more than 20 years, and something like 25-30GB, online and always accessible to me. 
And with numerous backups, all easy to make and restore.  And all using mbox format, around since essentially the beginning of 
email, which is resilient to corruption, truncation, etc.

In multiple cases, at multiple companies, people have needed access to old email and documents which I had but were long ago lost to 
everyone else (who mostly used Outlook).  In one case, it allowed a new contract worth probably more than a million or two.

Email is my most reliable source of stored and organized knowledge.  I've been hard at work, in my fragmented spare time, working on 
a true knowledgebase app / interchange format / distributed security system.  (The key problem really is a much better user 
interface paradigm.)  You can bet there will be a couple ways to represent and archive it that is as resilient as mbox.


On 6/15/14, 8:05 AM, Henry Rivera wrote:
> On Jun 15, 2014, at 2:48 AM, jim bell <[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>> wrote:
>> Note:  I wonder what kind of email system would be:   1.  Used by the Federal Government.  2.  NOT be regularly backed-up.   3. 
>>  Would lose up to two (2) years of emails in a crash.
>>          Jim Bell
>> [article follows]
> Generously giving them the benefit of the doubt, I'm under the impression that the backup is what failed. I would assume the 
> target of the investigation deleted her inbox.

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