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Internet Giants erect barriers to spy agencies

> http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/07/technology/internet-giants-erect-barriers-to-spy-agencies.html?mabReward=RI%3A15&module=WelcomeBackModal&contentCollection=Fashion%20%26%20Style&region=FixedCenter&action=click&pgtype=article
> MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. â?? Just down the road from Googleâ??s main campus
> here, engineers for the company are accelerating what has become the
> newest arms race in modern technology: They are making it far more
> difficult â?? and far more expensive â?? for the National Security Agency
> and the intelligence arms of other governments around the world to
> pierce their systems.

	How can such fuckingly stupid lies be so blatantly thrown up? 

	Dont these shitbags have a shred of decency left in them? (I
	guess mines a typical rhetorical question....)

	ThereÅ? something these people really excell at it and it is not
	engineering. It is hypocrisy. These shitbags are the biggest
	 hypocrites in all fucking christendom (which for them
	is, of course, ´the whole universe´)


> As fast as it can, Google is sealing up cracks
> in its systems that Edward J. Snowden revealed the N.S.A. had
> brilliantly exploited. It is encrypting more data

	bla bla bla  - more puke

> as it moves among
> its servers and helping customers encode their own emails.

	mooooore puke!!!!!

	Yes, google does not do evil.

> Facebook,
> Microsoft and Yahoo are taking similar steps. 

	Yes, we believe in motherfucking jesuschrist and
	microsoft...and the founding fuckers.