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#PayPal14: Distributed Donations of Support

Hi cypherpunks,

I am one of the original authors of the May 12 press release
http://pastebin.com/39nSLf94 "No Place to Hide: #PayPal14, Glenn
Greenwald, and the PayPal Billionaire"

Greenbacks' billionaire backer Pierre Omidyar makes the PayPal 14 pay
$86,000 for Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks (DDOS), so we are
promoting Distributed Donations-of-Support (DDOS):


Without need of celebrities or go-betweens, you can donate directly to
the PayPal 14 at that page. If you can't chip in, please share that page
and ask people to go back to their roots by helping political
prisoners/hostages directly.

The first week the op raised $5,052.
The second week the op raised $2,298.
Tonight alone the op raised $180.

We had no SONY movie deal and didn't redact anything.

I am sure people who have difficulty unhitching their wagons from
celebrities and 'Thought Leaders' will say what a bad idea it is to
attack Redaction White Man who is telling multi-millionaire anchors
about the NSA to an audience who has already gotten the message the NSA
spies on every undefended gizmo. By the way, the US is not the world;
did you know Nigeria has 'NSA capability' from Israeli tech?

The op got two cool articles the first week:



And best of all, got brave people protesting Greenbacks' Boston tour
stop in person (pics!):


Op-ed expected later this week.