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On 19/02/2014 01:11, Lodewijk andré de la porte wrote:
> I hope that by novel he meant deceit and wasteful. Pure waste to be
> mining like that. If they had at least used a scrypt coin, that'd be a
> start.
> Information is too scarce to see if they managed GPU mining somehow.
> Although that'd produce it's own set of problems (see also what
> happened after blizzard had the starcraft menu not-vsynced).
> I don't see why the law would have to be involved though. What
> motivation is given for their research? Very hard to understand. Maybe
> it can be phrased as "stealing computer power"?

The motivation could be "make it possible for website authors to make a
living without Google Adwords & other stupid ads" and that rocks, IMHO.

Everything is wasteful you know. Buying things is mostly a waste of
ressources. But at least let me decide what kind of waste I want to produce!

Or just go the Zerzan way but then start by throwing away your computer
and blowing up the nearest electricity poles.


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