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Taint Review Team

"(b)(7)(E)" seems like a cite to a section of a document or regulation, not a retraction: Section b, subsection 7, paragraph E.  It 
is a relative cite URI, with base URI (document ID) implied here.


On 2/6/14, 10:08 AM, Rich Jones wrote:
> Yeah, it does have to do directly with traffic stops. Check out p180 of the PDF (279 is the number in the document). They even put 
> "traffic stop" in quotes.
> Inline image 1
> And I'm guessing that the B7E redacted word <http://i.imgur.com/R9UjhTZ.png>is "bullshit."
> Essentially, they have constructed an intelligence laundering system. DEA agent asks the spooks 
> <http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/08/05/us-dea-sod-idUSBRE97409R20130805> for intel on an operation, spook uses illegal 
> surveillance to find out intel, spook tells a paid informant, informant anonymously tells DEA agent, DEA agents get local law 
> enforcement to make a "traffic" stop to create a parallel construction, then in the court case none of the original intelligence 
> is used. All perfectly "legal." Since the prosecution is legally required to hand over any information is has which might 
> exonerate a defendant, such as evidence harvested from the "poisonous tree," the Taint Review Board is used as an intermediary to 
> make sure that nobody on the prosecution has any idea where the poison came from.
> There are a bunch of other gems in here too. p324: True or False, Is racial profiling okay? Answer: [[ Redacted. b(7)(E) ]]
> R
> On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 8:29 AM, MARK GORE <[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>> wrote:
>     "Any agency that is above the law [such as CIA] can get away with anything. It's sad, and most people don't know it, or care,
>     but it's true," the source says. "When they invoke national security, everyone just craps their pants, even judges."
>     Above is from Narco News, check it Rich, Narco news follows all the crap the DEA does, now my question is can we vector the
>     muckrock training mans' to another leak maybe located in cryptome-
>     in order to obtain the code name for HOW the spooks tip-off LEA's to get into court only to reverse engineer (parallel
>     construct) evidence to cover source methods.
>     Its something to do w/ traffic stops? _Mg
>     mag_foto / blacksetstudio.com <http://blacksetstudio.com>
>     On Feb 4, 2014, at 3:04 PM, Rich Jones <[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>> wrote:
>>     Docs via MuckRock show internal DEA training manuals instructing for parallel construction based on classified / illegally
>>     obtained information, combined with an internal review board to shield that information from the public courts.
>>     https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/2014/feb/03/dea-parallel-construction-guides/
>>     "Americans don't like it!"
>>     R

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