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consistent pcp/pbp formats (was: Curve p25519 Replacements for GnuPG?(x2 now) ..)


a short update about the progress. I've made the following changes to
pcp[1] so far:

- asymmetrically and symmetrically encrypted files are now created in
  the same format as pbp does (binary output only). Verified to work
  with symmetric mode only because of some open issues.

- the same applies for signatures, binary only as well. pcp has another
  format for armored sigs (which I like better).

- crypt+sign is supported now as well (pcp only).

- pcp can import and export pbp public keys.

- encryption keys are derived using scrypt().

- crypto and signing keypairs are generated separately.

The todo list contains a bunch of open issues anyway:

- we still need a consistent pubkey file format.

- we also need an agreement on armoring (base85 va z85).

- cipher mode: currently pbp (and pcp now) encrypts data in ECB mode
  with a blocksize of 32k. I think CBC would be better, and I already
  implemented it (enabled with ./configure --enable-cbc). We'd need an
  agreement here as well.

best regards,

[1] https://github.com/TLINDEN/pcp

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