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[p2p-hackers] The next gen P2P secure email solution

Dnia sobota, 11 stycznia 2014 10:57:41 Cathal Garvey pisze:
> >>> So sad.  I have a clue and don't trust Skype.  But I can't for the
> life of
> >>> me migrate my friends off of it.  It's as addictive as crack.  It's just
> >>> better than the alternatives.
> >> 
> >> Anything that is as good as skype is going to allow contact tracing, that
> >> this person talks to that person.
> Red herring-ish, but if you want to get your friends off Skype, don't
> wait for the golden solution. Pick something good-enough and use that.
> I've had moderate success migrating people to Jitsi. Similar ease of use
> once set up, and they now allow jit.si account creation within the
> application (under the XMPP option).
> Obviously not genuinely P2P. The only semi-viable alternative I can
> think of that *is* P2P, but have not yet tried, is VoiP in Retroshare.

I have tried it, worked straight off the bat. Behind a NAT.

> However, as I suggested in another thread, I'm not convinced Retroshare
> is up to the hard-crypto standard some people here might demand. That
> is, it'll block virtually everyone, but not the real fascists.

Well, it seems "good enough" for Joe Schmoe, and is easy enough to set-up and 
use (still being much crypto-safer than Jitsi, I guess).

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