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[Cryptography] The crypto behind the blackphone

On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 4:13 PM, Jon Callas <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Note some open phone HW projects are selling hardware
>> to which you apply your droid SW rom. Though we're likely
>> at least a handful of years away from seeing a genuinely
>> 'open design' baseband HW layer in a phone, they are
>> talking about approaching it.
> If/when they do, I'd love to see it. I don't have time to make an open, secure baseband, but want to include one. The world needs one. Maybe we can arrange some sort of trade.

I would suggest that profit making companies who would in fact
benefit greatly from being able to advertise their use of such
an open secure baseband when said is developed, and who do
not have such interest/capability in house, should wish to donate
promote and support external efforts to produce said baseband.
Corral and coordinate partnerships therein, etc.