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Cspace and Trilight software

On Sun, 28 Dec 2014 16:51:44 -0800, Seth <[email protected]> wrote:
> "Things become "catastrophic" for the NSA at level five - when, for  
> example, a subject uses a combination of Tor, another anonymization  
> service, the instant messaging system CSpace and a system for Internet  
> telephony (voice over IP) called ZRTP. This type of combination results  
> in a "near-total loss/lack of insight to target communications,  
> presence," the NSA document states.

John Gilmore dug up the Cspace software (see below), and I believe this is  
the Trilight software/service mentioned in the NSA docs:   

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Subject: "Catastrophic" for NSA: Tor+ Trilight Zone + Cspace + ZRTP on  
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From: John Gilmore <gnu[at]new.toad.com>

Nice to hear that there's some software that makes NSA go deaf, dumb
and blind.  Here is the Snowden release that mentions it (page 20):

   "Presentation from the SIGDEV Conference 2012 explaining which  
encryption protocols and techniques can be attacked and which not"

I found cspace (http://cspace.aabdalla.com/), which was a bit obscure
and hasn't seen any maintenance since 2009 or so.  Its dependency
ncrypt-0.6.4's source code is at Pypi and ncrypt-0.6.4 is in current
Ubuntu distros.

But I haven't yet found Trilight Zone.  Any clues?

And I haven't found a reliable, usable, simple, free software VoIP
client for Linux, let alone one that uses ZRTP.  Though I admit I gave
up on looking about a year ago when I couldn't get anything to
actually work.